About Coveca

Coveca is located at the “Finca el Quinto”, owned by the  Ovelar stud farm,at  48 km. from Madrid, 10 km. from Aranjuez and 28 km. from Toledo.


COVECA’s magnificent and  extensive facilities house the INTERNATIONAL SALES CENTER  FOR SPANISH PURE BREED  (PRE) HORSES & SPANISH SPORT HORSES (CDE). We offer a wide range of Spanish Pure Breed horses to our Spanish and world wide clients  in Spain .  Please feel free to contact us for any additional information you might require.



Our  facilities include an AUTHORIZED  EQUINE REPRODUCTION CENTER, specialized in  the sale and export of semen and embryos. . We also offer our services to those breeders who wish to extract semen from their stallions to be  used at their own stud farm or for export.

The center  is officially authorized for the manipulation of both chilled and frozen equine semen and the manipulation and transplantation of equine embryos. This authorization allows us to export semen and embryos to any country in the world . Our experienced staff and modern equipment enable us to offer the highest quality, guaranteed service.

Coveca offers a number of stallions of renowned quality that can be used by our customers to cover their mares.  In addition, Coveca´s veterinarians offer the option of examining breeding stallions and brood mares  or apply fertility treatments if required .