• Collection of semen, preparation and national distribution of chilled fresh semen.
  • Collection of semen, preparation and distribution of frozen semen to any country in the world.
  • Processing of export certificates for frozen or chilled semen and embryos.
  • Freezing of semen and embryos.
  • Sperm bank of various stallions belonging to different owners.
  • Sperm bank of other stallions with different owners.
  • Fertility diagnosis for stallions.
  • Fertility treatment for stallions.
  • Reproductive and radiological examinations for TRC ( nomination test for Qualified Breeding stallions ) or pre-purchase veterinary examinations.
  • We provide riders and handlers who are highly qualified for the training of the stallions while they are at the center (Classical Dressage, Spanish High School , presentation in hand for the participation at TRC and PRE conformation shows ), according to the request of the owners.

We are also able to provide a selection of services in addition to those mentioned above for mares such as:

  • Insemination with fresh semen.
  • Deep intrauterine insemination with frozen semen.
  • Transfer of embryos.
  • Monitoring and control of gestation.
  • Foaling Assistance

We are also available to offer any other type of service besides those mentioned above , at the request of breeders. Please do not hesitate to contact us.